About us

A few words about us

Polviet Travel is a passion for travel and love for Asia

Who creates Polviet Travel?

Our domain is: "In Indochina, you understand a lot and you have to experience the rest." Everyone who comes is not only our customer, but above all our guest. This is due to a partner and subjective approach to each of you. Polviet Travel employees add a hint of uniqueness to each trip, making sure that each trip is not only interesting and successful, but above all OTHER THAN OTHER. We check routes, guides, transport, places, we keep in touch with our partners in order to offer you a better, more convenient and unforgettable stay.

Regardless of whether you come in a small or large group, with or without children - with us you will be able to plan and realize your dream vacation in a convenient form and time. Every time we work with you, we adapt the trip to your planned budget. Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we have the opportunity to offer competitive prices to large travel agencies and internet portals.
We specialize in offering you the best in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia. Our office is the only Polish-Vietnamese travel agency offering an individual approach to planned travel, and we perceive every tourist as a friend, not as a customer.

What do we offer?

Being in Southeast Asia is always worth a try: jeep, motorbike, rickshaw, boat or junk rides. Culinary Journey - this is an amazing and very diverse cuisine with a thousand flavors (from the salty variations of the Red River Delta, through spicy Laos, Cambodia with a shade of curry, to sweet and sour Saigon).

Polviet Travel Travel Agency's strengths are the people working with us. Our team of consultants and tour leaders consists exclusively of Polish Vietnamese and Poles living in Vietnam. each with the above mentioned persons he has real, non-conductive knowledge and rich personal experience. We offer you not only tours and great tourist attractions, but also direct contact with the Polish Tour Leader, and thus "first-hand information", interesting facts, practical advice and Polish perspective in Indochina. We will advise you on what to choose from our holiday packages or we will help create an individual sightseeing plan. People who do not speak English can always benefit from direct Polish resident care during their stay.

We play fair play!

We are a fair play office for people and animals. Fair play is our attitude towards guests, contractors, employees and associates. As an office, we have this principle towards ourselves and we assume that everyone has one against us. We offer ethical suggestions, taking into account the diversity of people and cultures. Our programs do not offer attractions that affect the dignity of people and animals. With us you will definitely not take a trip to the orphanage, but we will definitely tell you where you can support street children in a thoughtful way! With us you will definitely not ride an elephant in the city center, but we will gladly go with you to the sanctuary to have a bath with these great mammals. During trips, we show the country as it is - we do not avoid difficult topics, nor do we experience poverty and social problems. We do not support begging and giving money to children.

We always offer the best and final price. We do not use "last minute", "discount", "special offer" tricks etc. Quotes are always legible and do not include hidden costs. We do not round prices. We do not make point valuations (although we have a lot of offers for short and interesting trips), our travel offers are comprehensive and include prices in USD (although payment can be in PLN or EUR). Changing the price always means changing the trip program. Emerging promotions are real and quality services. In each offer, we maintain a balance between an attractive price for you and fair conditions for our suppliers and contractors. Sounds great, and we simply say: you can.
We pay the entire trip in advance, we do not use vouchers or deferred payments. We maintain standards in line with the offer specifications and focus on program implementation and details. Just Fair Play.

We want to share!

A travel agency is always a lot of movement, and then we watch great places, meet amazing people and enjoy the beauty of the world. However, not always everything is as colorful as we would like, difficult and unpleasant matters also appear in our travels. We do not turn our backs on this, but according to our capabilities, we regularly add a few bricks to build a better, fairer and more beautiful world. We make decisions about support for reasonable time so that the funds are best spent. Here are the projects we support, thanks to which our work also makes more sense.

convince yourself that is worth it

Why are we the best choice?


We always adapt our programs to customer requirements. We are able to prepare a trip for a family or a large company group. We guarantee that the selected attractions will be satisfying. We like difficult and unusual queries, and the age range of our guests is almost 100 years old. We keep the expected balance between adventure, sightseeing and recreation.


We live and constantly travel around our region. Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar or Malaysia are our part of the world that we know best. We are up to date
with tourist news, we speak local languages ​​and get to know the culture of Asia on a daily basis. We train and improve for individual and company qualifications.


We know the places we offer personally, and check new ones with passion from every angle. We are an invaluable ally in your trip offering direct support of experienced pilots and contacting us at every stage of the journey. We always remember about safety regardless of whether it is a stay on the beach, night exploration of the metropolis, cooking classes or trekking in the jungle.


We operate based on legal regulations, we are a legal tour operator with an international license: ASEAN: 79-705 / 2016 / TCDL-GP LHQT. We belong to the industry associations: the Vietnamese Chamber of Tourism (VN 1234). We maintain regular contacts with Polish diplomatic missions in the region. We regularly appear in Poland at industry events and cooperate with numerous travel agencies and the media in Poland.


the Polviet Travel team

We are a group of people with a passion for Asia and we want to share it. Feel free to contact us!