In recent years, Asia has been a very popular holiday destination for Poles. Among countries from this region of the world, Thailand is undoubtedly the most-visited Thailand, of which there are legends among tourists. Wonderful landscapes, beautiful beaches and delicious food - these are just some of the reasons why millions of tourists from all over the world visit the country every year. Thailand is also a country of incredibly rich culture that is worth observing at every step.

Culture and tourism 

Of course, a trip to Thailand is also an amazing experience for every gourmet who likes to try oriental dishes. It should only be remembered that sharp spices reign here, which Thais don't regret. Another thing worth knowing is its inhabitants are very open, thanks to which even tourists feel fantastic in their company. Regardless of whether we are on a trip from a travel agency or we travel on our own, it is worth spending as much time as possible among local residents.

Basic information 

Actually, at every step there are beautiful monuments that impress with their oriental appearance. The country is a paradise for people who love to relax on the charming, sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Their number is really large, so we can easily find a place that will let you relax surrounded by palm trees and the sound of the sea. Bangkok is the perfect destination for tourists who love the bustling city. It is worth checking for yourself if the legends about the capital of this country that never sleeps are true.

Co warto zobaczyć w tajlandii?

Pewnie widziałeś już wiele zdjęć rajskich plaż, o których marzysz  siedząc przy biurku w biurze – duże szanse, że zostały one zrobione właśnie w Tajlandii. Pamiętaj jednak, że jest tam też co zwiedzać: Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, plantacje herbaty, sanktuaria słoni, Park Narodowy Doi Inthanon,  Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Pałac Królewski, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Kanchanburi, Erewan National Park, Phuket, Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi.

  • Area: 513 120 km² 
  • Population: 67 091 089
  • PKB per capita: 6590,6 USD


Thai Whip (THB)
1USD = 33.5 THB

USD, EUR are accepted in tourist places

There is no. Visa-free travel up to 30 days by air and up to 14 days by land. More information.
More information:

Area code +66

220V / round or flat plugs. Mixed in many places. With or without grounding. It's worth having an ankle.

Roaming works without reservations. Sometimes you need to manually change the operator's network in Thailand. Officially it is an obligation to register sim cards when presenting a passport. Local sim cards with an internet package are best bought at the airport (packages adapted to the length of stay).

Area code +66

Works at different speeds. There are a lot of free hotspots in cities. WIFI is common in hotels, cafes and public transport. 3G Internet works ok, LTE only in large cities.

Touching someone's head and pointing with his foot, sticking his feet towards Taj or Buddha, throwing anything towards Taj, talking about the royal family, army and drugs - the death penalty, touching Buddha statues. Littering in cities - fines. Dark streets in cities at night - thefts. Carrying out lots of cash. Screaming and nervous behavior. South of Thailand near the border with Malaysia - threat of bombings.

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, TBP, tetanus

We take off our shoes and hats in temples, churches and private homes. Also in places where there will be signs or Thai people will pay attention. In places of worship or in royal residences, we wear a modest dress that covers the shoulders, neckline and knees.

When we greet the Thai people, we do not shake hands, we only fold hands as if to pray and gently bow our heads.

Air - very good, Road - very good, Railway - medium, Water - not bad, especially between the islands in the south. LOCAL: TUK TUK and MOTO TAXI - convenient and fast. In Bangkok, Sky Train or Metro.

Excellent. Choice between public and private centers. The best in the region. Most doctors speak good English.

Definitely sweet - spicy, lots of chilli, garlic, curry and ginger. Definitely not enough bread. Thai people really like sugar. Energy drinks are a must!

Alcohol: whiskey, beer.

We eat with a spoon and fork, only pasta with chopsticks.

1 STYCZEŃ – Międzynarodowy Nowy Rok

Chiński Nowy Rok
Festiwal Parasoli,
Festiwal Kwiatów w Chiang Mai
14 LUTY – Walentynki

13 MARZEC – Dzień Słonia

6 KWIECIEŃ – Dzień Dynastii Chakri

13-15 KWIECIEŃ – Tajski Nowy Rok


Urodziny Królowej
Dzień Matki
SIERPIEŃ – Festiwal Głodnych Duchów w Phuket

PAŹDZIERNIK – Festiwal Wegetariański


Festiwal Słoni w Surin Loy Krathong,
Festiwal Światła w Chiang Mai,
Festiwal Małp w Lopburi.
5 days:

King's Birthday,
Dzień Ojca.

Rocznica Koronacji Króla Rama IX

  • Officially: Chaw tang chati
  • Popular: FARANG

Sau / Polen

Unit 605-607, 6th Floor, Athenee Tower,
Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Tajlandia
Telefon: +66 (2) 079 7300