With Saigon Rides, you'll see things you couldn't see by yourself!

Few words about Saigon Rides

Traveling in the back seat of the scooter allows you to see the city from the perspective of city residents. Both Saigon and Hanoi are loud, fast and always on the move. The dynamics of cities and the constant movement of people and motorbikes are real madness! We invite everyone to discover the differences between individual parts of the city by traversing the thicket of small streets! Each of them has its own atmosphere, is filled with cafes, pubs, bars and food stalls. Each trip is accompanied by a tasting of local dishes and drinks - because Vietnam is a culinary paradise and trying local delicacies is obligatory!


FAQ - what do you ask most often?

Each of our trips is worth the price. Most companies that provide similar services smuggle in hidden costs without providing the highest level of service. With SaigonRides you can be sure that our goal is not reaching into your wallet. Each of the trips also helps local families with whom we cooperate. If you are interested, please contact us!

Drivers are Vietnamese who have been driving for at least 5 years. They have experience in everyday driving in very heavy traffic, some of them work professionally as drivers.

Of course. We have already hosted many small guests delighted on trips on motorbikes. Children can travel alone or, if they are smaller, together with a parent, on one motorcycle. On trips with children we can also modify stops (and to our "menu" we can add: coconut ice cream, desserts, more fruit).

Whether you are 7 or 70 years old, our trips are for everyone! Saigon Rides is a comfortable and safe way to explore the city.

Trips take place regardless of the weather, drivers have raincoats for everyone. Of course, we will not travel in heavy rains, but wait in one of the eateries with treats. After the downpour, we will continue our journey.

Of course. Vietnamese cuisine is extremely "friendly" for vegetarians and vegans, offering a whole bunch of dishes that will be suitable for your diet. We recommend private trips in this situation, where we can adjust all stops (eateries with food) to your eating preferences.

We provide pickup from any hotel in District 1.

We strongly recommend full footwear (not flip-flops) and loose outfit. We avoid taking backpacks and bags, we won't need them. In Saigon during the winter for very sensitive to cold, a thin long sleeve may be useful, in Hanoi in November - March it is necessary to adjust the clothing to the temperature (long pants and jacket).

The tour fee is the only guarantor for your Vietnamese adventure on two wheels.
We offer several payment methods to our guests:

  • Bank transfer (to an account in USD, EUR or PLN)
  • PayPal or other online payment system (+ 5%)
  • Revolut transfer

Canceling or changing the date:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds to people who have not previously notified us of their plans. If you want to cancel an earlier paid trip, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
If you want to cancel your reservation a month before the set date, we will refund all costs incurred.

For cancellations submitted later than one month before the planned trip, the returns are as follows:

  • 0% when the cancellation was made less than a week before the agreed trip
  • 40% when the cancellation was made less than two weeks before the agreed trip
  • 60% when the cancellation was made less than three weeks before the agreed trip
  • 80% when the cancellation was made less than four weeks before the agreed trip

If you want to change the date of the trip, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try to do it without additional charges, however it depends on the availability of our drivers and guides.

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