Kambodża grudzień 2022. Para. Był to już nasz drugi wyjazd zorganizowany przez Polviet. Po raz kolejny organizacja była perfekcyjna. Od propozycji programu, przez uzgodnienie szczegółów po realizację w Kambodży współpraca z Panem Maciejem układa się bardzo dobrze. W trakcie pobytu w Kambodży udało się zobaczyć wiele miejsc zarówno tych z listy UNESCO ale także takich dzięki, którym mogliśmy zobaczyć życie ludzi z dala od turystycznych atrakcji i poznać ich zwyczaje.  Szczerze polecamy firmę Polviet Travel. My na pewno przy organizacji kolejnego wyjazdu do Azji skorzystamy z usług Polvietu.

Arek, Katowice

Mariusz! Jeszcze raz chcieliśmy Ci serdecznie podziękować za piękny dzień spędzony razem! 🤩 najpiękniejsze urodziny w życiu! 🎂Zorganizowanie i zagospodarowanie nam czasu w Wietnamie na tyle na ile było to możliwe 😊 Za pokazanie garstki Wietnamu, który jest niesamowicie interesujący i zachęcający do dalszego podróżowania. 😍

Aleksandra, Gliwice

Właśnie dotarliśmy do hotelu, dziękujemy za super spędzone dwa intensywne dni! Na pewno zapamiętamy je na zawsze☺️ dzięki za fotorelacje, pozdrawiamy 🙋‍♀️

Joanna, Poznań

Fantastic office with amazing people! The professionalism and invaluable help of Mr. Maciek with a visa to Vietnam in a crisis situation, when others spread their hands, made me know that you can trust 100% on any issue. Since I have been in contact with the office, I recommend it to others and the travel relationship is always similar: Polviet Travel makes holidays tailored to our needs, individualized. Nothing is impossible here. Thank you for your professionalism !!!

Patrycja, Wrocław

Thank you very much for a wonderfully organized stay in Vietnam - we liked everything - please send my email to Mr. Maciej, the boss should know that customers left delighted. We will definitely be back! Hotel Salinda to recommend, global premium, really! Thanks again Regards,

Natalia, Warszawa

Thank you very much for the great help in organizing the trip for us. Everywhere was great and buttoned up. We are very pleased, Vietnam made a big and positive impression on us also the capital of Cambodia and Angkor Wat. In addition, we were very pleased to meet and to be honest, I was counting on it. Thanks again and best regards Rajmund

Rajmund, Ostrów Wielkopolski

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to thank you once again for the wonderful service of our group during your stay in Vietnam.

Krzysztof, Orkiestra Nadarzyn

Chciałem podziękować za zorganizowanie wycieczek po Wietnamie, było super i świetnie się bawiliśmy. Wielkie ukłony dla Krzysztofa za jego wiedzę i profesjonalizm, dla Mateusza za otwartość na nowe znajomosci i nie tylko😀 Teraz powoli dochodzimy do siebie po zmianie czasu i temperatury.

Waldemar, Polska

A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia from 18.03 to 03.04.2013 organized by Maciej Ryczko (Polviet Travel company from Saigon) was the best and most interesting in our entire life. Every day, many great places and surprises awaited us (e.g. rides by various means of transport, meals in local restaurants, staying overnight in the Vietnamese countryside and many others). Thank you Maciek and our whole group of friends for these beautiful days we spent together.

Ewa i Wojciech, Tarnobrzeg

The trip to the Mekong Delta was great thanks for organizing.

Maciej, kapitan PLL LOT, Warszawa

... both of me and Robert wanted to thank you for organizing this trip, and organizationally it couldn't have been better. We hope, that we will be able to choose those directions again ...

Anna i Robert, Jasło

Together with my husband, we would like to thank you for the wonderful organization of our 2-week trip around Vietnam and care during our entire stay. First of all, we appreciate very efficient communication both at the stage of organizing the trip and during its duration, flexibility and good understanding of our needs. We loved the hotels recommended by you, organized trips were interesting, and thanks to the guides we were able to get to know the country much better. Thank you also for your time in Saigon and for the wonderful culinary feast that the Lord gave us on the first evening.

Anna i Stefan, Warszawa

Thank you very much for the wonderfully organized trip to Hanoi and Ha Long. The care of the Polish guide Mateusz and his knowledge of Vietnamese realities was great and will remain in my memory for a long time.

Elżbieta, Warszawa

Maciej, thanks for the arrangement of the trip to Vietnam. It was well planned, arranged and executed from your side and the proposed tours were great. The only thing - that you cannot influence - is, that the normal tourist seems to be a target for scams in Vietnam. But this is a phenomenon all around the world. Take this recommendation for your promotion.

Marcus, Heiligenhaus - Germany

Thank you for a wonderful trip around Vietnam and Cambodia organized by your office. Big applause for the professional organization and above standard office services, thanks to which we had the opportunity to meet wonderful places like the charms of these countries from scratch. We will especially remember the visit to your wife's parents in the countryside, the great atmosphere and the party - special greetings and thanks to your in-laws. Perfect service and great atmosphere meant that throughout the entire trip we felt guests, not office patents. With a clear conscience, we will recommend your office to all our friends and friends.

Elżbieta i Leszek, Stalowa Wola

I asked the Polviet company to organize an individual Hanoi - Sapa - Halong Bay trip for our family, that is Wioletta's wife and two sons, 2 years and 3.5 years old, respectively. The organization included transport, tickets, accommodation and a guide. The company performed its task very well. Serving us people like: driver, guide were very flexible. They adapted the program to our capabilities and the condition of the kids. Hotels clean, ship in Halong Bay with very good food and friendly service. I would definitely recommend Mr. Maciek's company and thank you for organizing your stay in the north of Vietnam.

Tomek, Sajgon

Exotic is not just a beach and a palm tree. It is also a specific political system, nature specific to a given place, a specific lifestyle of the inhabitants, their beliefs. It's cuisine and atmosphere, it's art and characteristic behavior. There are many factors that you may notice or not. It depends who looks, when and if he understands what he sees ..... The organization of holidays through an office in Saigon - POLVIET - is a vivid example that you can experience an interesting, peaceful, comfortable, cheap and nice vacation. The office takes into account the traveler's comments and dreams. And that's a lot. Take interest in this version of spending exotic time ... I recommend without comments !!!

Jacek, Łomża

If you are interested in Vietnam from the inside out or if it's difficult to get tickets online, then look for support from the Polviet Travel team. It is not easy for an international group of 12 people to organize an interesting three-week trip around Vietnam, finding affordable hotels at a good level or synchronizing transport so that the group travels together and at the optimal time, but for PT people nothing is impossible. We experienced great moments, discovering the charms of the Vietnamese countryside and everyday life in the Mekong Delta, feasting with the residents (compliments to the father-in-law!), for which many thanks.

Marek, Leszno

INTER-PARTS organized a promotional trip for its contractors to Vietnam on October 15-21, 2011. It was an award in the BOSCH sales promotion for the ten best customers. We entrusted the organization of the trip to Vietnam in POLVIET. The POLVIET company managed by Mr. Maciej Ryczko fulfilled the whole task perfectly. From the first inquiry, through visa formalities to the end of the entire trip, we were served in a very professional manner. Very good selection of hotels, restaurants, attractions to visit and excellent knowledge of Vietnamese culture by the person of Mr. Maciej Ryczko, who personally accompanied our group of twelve, caused the perfect mood of all participants. A fantastic addition was the opportunity to visit places that do not appear on the lists of travel agencies: a snake village or a cafe on the roof of an old tenement house will be remembered by everyone for a long time. I would like to thank you once again for a great time in Vietnam and of course I strongly recommend working with POLVIET.

Przemek, Stawiguda

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I have been active on the international market for many years, where experience has taught me that contact with representatives of the Polish diaspora ended in a far disappointment. Working for a year with and Polviet Travel on business and private ground: orders, market research, visas and in the field of tourist services: hotel booking trips, and I have found an exception to the rule. Polviet's manager, Maciej, managed to find a way to combine Vietnamese Asian reality with the professionalism expected by a Western contractor. After arriving in Vietnam, there is no feeling that using the services of this company was paying for a mistake - because it will not be cheaper. Comparably more difficult - yes, but cheaper and easier - no, that's why I can, although I'm not in the habit of it, I will recommend the services of companies from the Polviet group.

With compliments.
Lech - investor, entrepreneur

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Dear Maciej! We have been at home for several days, but there was no time to write a few sentences after a wonderful stay in Vietnam. Your POLVIET office has prepared our trip professionally and reliably starting from picking us up at Hanoi airport by prepared and responsible people led by Mateusz. Transfer to the hotel and booking a good room allowed us to rest immediately after a long flight. An interesting program of tours around Hanoi and the Bay of Ha long, which you have prepared, gave us the opportunity to experience extraordinary impressions and delight in the beauty of the places visited. Again, we were amazed at the precise organization and reliability of your colleagues. Everything was prepared on time and reliable. A flight with VIETNAM AIRLINES to Nha Trang as well as transfers to and from the airport is a display of punctuality and reliability of the POLVIET Tourist Office. The luxurious and modern MIA resort, which you chose for us, made a great impression by the level of conditions and service. A beautiful beach, a great restaurant, a picturesque pool and, above all, silence allowed us to relax comfortably and the prices that your office has negotiated turned out to be painlessly acceptable. A unique attraction is the trip from Nha Trang to the island of Vinpearl by the longest gondola lift in this part of the world. The all-day stay includes dozens of attractive events. A punctual departure to the airport and departure to Ho Chi Minh is another proof of the diligence of POLVIET. In Saigon, a waiting employee had a plate with our name and drove us to the booked hotel. A sense of peace accompanied us on all trips and events after such solid preparation. Finally a meeting with you, at your invitation, in a garden restaurant with a surprising way of grilling - your gesture was the final proof for us how solid and elegant you treat us as your customers. I couldn't resist describing our journey, which became unforgettable thanks to your professional, but also full of kindness, care. Together with my wife, we are delighted with the trip to Vietnam, which you prepared with great care and professionalism, and in addition with kindness beyond formal courtesy! We thank you and your colleagues and greetings from the Vistula River !!!

Iwona i Leszek, Warszawa

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Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to thank Polviet in this short written form, and in particular Krzysztof Michałowski for the perfect organization of our stay in Vietnam at the turn of April and May this year. Our stay in Vietnam necessarily had to be limited to 14 days, so the main idea behind us was to plan a very rich trip program. We knew we wanted to start in Hanoi and finish in Saigon. We were recommended to Polviet and in a very short time we were able to construct a program that allowed us to travel from north to south, visited many interesting places, cities and facilities. It required a lot of transfers, we stayed in a different place almost every day and at the same time private tours organized for us required contact with various guides, at different times and in different places. And here Polviet, and in particular Krzysztof Michałowski did a perfect job - everything worked, we didn't have any delays, the guides were competent, kind and helpful. The hotels chosen for us had a very decent standard, great location and polite, competent service. In addition, throughout the entire trip we had the opportunity to feel the constant interest of Mr. Krzysztof - he often called the local phone handed over to us, at key moments he ensured transfers and organization of meetings with local guides. Also, we could count on him when we experienced the troubles ourselves - his telephone advice and help as an interpreter proved to be very helpful and let him get out of trouble. We also remember the dinner at which we were invited on behalf of Polviet by Mr Krzysztof - a very interesting conversation with him and his charming wife allowed us to better understand Vietnam, its specificity and residents. The above experiences lead us to very serious considerations about the future trip to Laos and Cambodia, because we already know that we can give our fate with full confidence in the hands of the Polvieta crew and we can then count on a professional and fully taking into account our needs organization of the trip. With true conviction and full responsibility, we will recommend Polviet to people wishing to visit Indochina.

Once again, thank you in the name of myself and other participants of our trip.

Maria i Mariusz , Szanghaj

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