Vietnam is a very exotic country for us and if you ask an average person on the street about it, you won't find out anything special about it. This place, located almost literally at the other end of the world, is extremely interesting for us, because its climate and culture are historically free from the influences that shaped our society, and modern Vietnam is constantly defending itself against globalism that means that every tourist resort anywhere the globe is almost the same. There you can find villages away from the hustle and bustle, where you can rest in peace and bustling large cities. Noteworthy is the history of Vietnam, whose traces can be found at every turn.

Culture and tourism 

The random person mentioned in the introduction can tell us something about the Vietnam War, where the influence of the Soviet Union and the US clashed with each other. This led to a powerful conflict between the democratic south and the totalitarian north. She won the north and led to the unification of the country under a system of communist dictatorship. It is worth remembering that, because the country is not a "cheerful barrack" modeled on the Polish People's Republic, but rather closer to the intersection of China with North Korea. An ordinary criminal and dissident may end up in a labor camp. Traveling to Vietnam is obviously not risky, because tourists, especially those from afar, are one of the main sources of income for the country.

Basic information 

Vietnam has an unusual shape. It covers almost the entire east coast of the Indochina Peninsula, which is very diverse in terms of climate, cuisine and even dialects that people communicate with. The south of the country is a typically tropical area, such as we know from the movies about the Vietnam War. Sweet and sour cuisine dominates there. Going north, first we will meet large areas of the savannah, where not much happens, and even further north, towards China, there will be typical for this part of the world very humid monsoon areas. Here, the cuisine is incredibly spicy, and in its repertoire there is also a lot of weird solutions due to the proximity of China.

Co warto zobaczyć w wietnamie?

Wietnam to kraj, w którym mieszka większa część zespołu Polviet Travel. Znamy ten kraj od podszewki, a tu przedstawiamy naszą listę – co warto zwiedzić w Wietnamie: zatoka Ha Long, Sapa, Fanispan, Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Park Narodowy Phong Nha, Nha Trang, Delta Mekongu, Ho Chi Minh (Sajgon), Tra Su oraz Phu Quoc.

  • Area: 331 212 km2
  • Liczba ludności: 93 643 000
  • PKB per capita: 2546 USD 


Vietnamese Dong (VND) / 1USD = 22.300VND

USD, EURO are accepted in tourist places.

You must have a full visa or visa promise before entering the country. More information at

230V / round or flat plugs. Mixed in many places. With or without grounding. It's worth having an ankle.

Roaming works, except for the T-MOBILE network (you must enable the "Vietnam roaming" option). Officially, there is an obligation to register sim cards, but in practice you can buy them without any problems.
Area code: +84

Works at different speeds. In the cities a lot of free hot spots. WIFI is common in hotels, cafes, public transport and taxi. 3G Internet works on average, LTE only in large cities.

Talking about the party and the deceased leader, comparing the country and its inhabitants with the Chinese and Chinese, drugs - the death penalty, discussing Vietnamese-Chinese friendship, talking on the phone on a busy street - especially at night, carrying a lot of cash. Self-riding on scooters on busy roads - accidents.

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, TBP, tetanus

We take off our shoes in temples and some houses. We give both hands to the elderly.

Air - quite good, Road - medium, Railway - medium, Water - weak, mainly in the Mekong Delta and Saigon.
LOKALNY: XE OM – motorowa taksówka.

Average. Nice in big cities. State (heavier cases, less privacy) and Private (fast and expensive). Doctors usually speak English, sometimes Russian or French.Průměrná.

Salty in the north, sweet and sour in the center in the south. Expect a lot of coriander and bamboo. The best coffee in the world, nice tea. Many borrowings from French and Chinese cuisine.
Alcohol: beer, moonshine.

We eat with chopsticks or a spoon and a fork.

Sajgon, Danang, Haiphong

1 January: International New Year
January / February - TET, or the Vietnamese New Year

14 February - Valentine's Day

March 8 - International Women's Day

30 April - Liberation Day

May 1 - International Labor Day

19 May – Anniversary of the birth of HO CHI MINHA

September 2 - Independence Day

October 30 - Vietnamese Women's Day

  • Officially: Nguoi Nuoc Ngoai
  • Unofficially: Tay / Ong Tay

Chua Mot Cot, Hanoi
Telefon: +84 (4) 3845 2027