City tours in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur Classic


At 9:00 am a meeting with the pilot in the hotel lobby. We start with a trip to the Batu Caves cave complex, which is the destination of the largest and most shocking pilgrimage in Malaysia. A complex of caves, in which Hindu temples have been perfectly integrated, is guarded by the highest statue of the god of war Murugana in Malaysia, to which 272 rainbow stairs and monkeys lead. Optionally, we can visit Dark Cave, caves, where, we will learn about rock formations and the ecosystem occurring at this latitude. We will have the opportunity to cool off with fresh coconut water and / or try the largest fruit in the world - the fruit of the bread tree.

After catching our breath, we will go to see the amazing Thean Hou temple, beautiful in itself, and by the way offering a fantastic view of the city. Here you will have the opportunity to tell the future and if you are lucky you will be able to witness a traditional Buddhist wedding! 

Lunch at a restaurant with a Michelin star and affordable prices, serving the best Chinese dumplings in the city.

  The next stop is the Municipal Gallery, which will take us into the past and future of the city on a 3D model. From the gallery we will go out to the historic Independence Square, Cricket Club, Abdul Samad's building - the most characteristic and most photographed. We will become acquainted with the unusual project "River of Life", whose main goal is the revitalization of the river as well as the areas around it, and whose estimated investment cost is almost the same as the construction of the famous Petronas Tower. Because Islam is ubiquitous in Malaysia, we'll see one of the oldest mosques and find out, among other things, why a woman can be flogged by religious police. For balance we will visit another large Malaysian community and its famous Chinatown, full of 'branded' products and covering the two oldest temples in the city. We will walk around the Central Market, where in addition to souvenirs, you can order your own portrait, Thai ice cream or just eat a typical Malaysian lunch (on your own).  

Then we will go to the famous not only from the movie "Encamped" with Catherine Zeta-Jones - Petronas towers - towers of the Malaysian oil and gas concern, which have become the capital's hallmark. The first option is for lovers of height - entering the 41st floor and admiring the panorama of the city (the need to book tickets in advance) or traditional coffee and cake with the "king" of Malaysia (optional, payable by yourself). Return to the hotel or end the program at any point of the city, 19:00.

Included: light lunch, transport / taxi rides.

Kuala Lumpur by Night

Length: (6h)

At 19:00 a meeting with the pilot in the hotel lobby. Here, a drink at the expense of the company in one of the best bars in the city, which is located on the 59th floor of a luxury hotel and serves the best view of the Petronas towers. Here we will see the panorama of the whole city in daylight, at sunset and after dark. 

The next stop will be the Petronas Towers themselves. Almost half a kilometer of steel, glass and light makes an even greater impression up close. In the park under the towers we will have the opportunity to watch a fountain show, the so-called light-water-music show.  

The next point is a visit to the historical part of the city which at night is dressed in interesting lighting and vibrant local night life.

Dinner in the district called Kuala Lumpur Nightlife Center, Jalan Alor. This hidden treasure has a lot to offer. You can eat a local dinner here, take the challenge of trying durian, the most smelly fruit in the world, and other local specialties (on your own).

The program ends at 1:00 am in the district of night entertainment, massages and bars (bar promotions on Thursdays: Ladies drink for free)  

The price includes: drink at the club, transfers (car available for the whole evening), dinner snacks.

Individual programs or spontaneous city tours on request. Feel free to contact our offices regarding reservations.

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