City tours in Phnom Penh

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Meeting at 9.00 in a special assembly point. By noon, visiting the Royal Palace Complex - monumental buildings from the 19th century when Phnom Penh became the capital of Cambodia, as well as the seat of the Norodom dynasty. A visit to the Silver Pagoda being the place where the statue of Meiatrey Buddha decorated with 9584 diamonds is located. The name of the pagoda comes from 5,000 silver tiles lined with its interior.


Then a walk to the Monument of Independence - a magnificent building from the 1950s, symbolizing Cambodia's independence after almost 100 years. The project is the work of the world-famous Khmer architect Vanna Molyvanna / on the way the purchase of a drink and a snack at a street market stall (sugar cane juice, coffee, fruit juice).


Further walk and noon surprise lunch - a completely unusual form of lunch. But everyone will be pleased, not to say delighted.


In the afternoon, a meeting with tuk tuk drivers and a dream rally through the streets of the capital to the nineteenth century, the oldest pagoda of Wat Phnom (inseparable from the name of the city and the legend of Mrs. Penh). Finally, a drive to Central Market - a pearl of French colonial architecture, and one of the largest bazaars in the capital. The market has its part with souvenirs, local necessities, the central location of goldsmiths offering wonderful hand-made jewelry, and some with food and local delicacies. Our guide will show you the whole of the bazaar microcosm. End of program at 15.00 in the bazaar.

+ obligatory payment on the spot 40.000R / person

Except for the price: Drinks, entrance tickets (approx 11USD), additional transport, additional meals, own expenses.

ATTENTION: if one of the facilities is closed - we offer alternative visits to another place.



Collection at 9.00 am at the famous assembly point. We start by passing to Silk Island, where many local craftsmen making silk scarves reside. Among the obvious commercial products, you can find pearls where silkworm breeding and manufacture is carried out from generation to generation. On site we will also look into the local household for the proverbial cup of tea.


At noon, drive for lunch to our special surprise "diner" - you will be pleasantly surprised, as always, but it is a surprise!


In the afternoon, a tuk tuk ride through the center of Phnom Penh in an amazing tangle of cars and motorbikes. Visit to the Death Fields - Choeung Ek.


Crime scene of the Khmer Rouge with a drastic exposure of the regime's victims. From there, drive to the S-21 Concentration Camp, where there is a museum showing the next face of the regime Cambodia of the 70s. The trail of modern history is very moving, it is a lesson in modern history that is extremely understandable for Polish tourists. Seeing the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime is an important element for visitors to Cambodia. Our guides often tell interesting, unusual or personal stories related to these times. The trip ends at 15.00 at the S-21 Museum.


+ obligatory payment on the spot 60.000R / person


Except for the price: Drinks, entrance tickets (approx 11USD), additional transport, additional meals, own expenses.

ATTENTION: If one of the facilities is closed - we offer alternative visits to another place.

NOTE: Children under 14 years old will not be allowed to visit the Khmer Rouge crime scenes

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